If you experience foot, knee, hip or back pain that persists, you may need orthotics.


These devices which fit snugly in your shoes control, and in some cases realign the foot to prevent excess pressures building up and causing pain.


These abnormal pressures affect the feet causing corns and callus build up.


But also can cause pain in other areas such as the knee, hip and lower back. 


It can work both ways, and pain can be referred to the foot from these areas.


After all its a kinetic chain that connects our body together.

We carry out a full biomechanical assessment utilising the latest technology which includes:


2D Pressure Scanning

 identify pressure areas when standing


Structure Sensor Scanning (TM)

creates an acurate 3D model of your feet which is used in the laboratory to hone the perfect orthotic.


Dynamic Pressure Scanning

allows us to analyse the foot through each part of the gait cycle whilst walking or running.